We are aiming to cultivate the goodness of globalism and the expertise of the collective minds of the world to develop and import the highest quality products.
What is ONIT?
ONIT is a product development company based in Kuwait that leverages the power of the internet to connect with clients around the globe. We offer both product development and logistical solutions to meet the needs of major industries.

Our Workflow

We start by researching markets using collected data from multiple trusted sources, and run them through an algorithm that we developed in house to extract datapoints that highlights the current and predicted trends in the market. With that research, we start developing or importing products that we expect will trend in the market.
Our Services


Research & Development
Research is the fundemental step in each process. We research the product viability, cost of materials and labor, and costumers expectations using data cultivated from multiple trusted sources.

Product Development & Design
We illustrate a tree of possibilites in the development stage, and we harvest the optimum output for production.

Prototyping & Engineering
We prototype products by simulating them in 3D environments, as well as printing the products whether on paper or 3D printing to be able to hold a simulated version of the final product.

Logistical Solutions
We are aiming to build a platform for our clients to track and measure their logistical solutions. Our logistical solution have been designed and optimized in collaboration with multiple trusted logisitic services companies.